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Assembly Required

As the Rolling Stones song goes “You can’t always get what you want but if you try, sometimes well, you might find you get what you need.” This was certainly the case with the Raven’s Eye and the challenges that

Luminance Adjustments

Luminance is the intensity of light emitted from a area. The darkest luminance levels are known as the shadows, the brightest luminance levels are known as the highlights and then the luminance levels in between are known as midtones. There

Cropping Tips, Tricks and Shortcuts

Tips and TricksĀ  &#8984 + “H” – Hide the crop boundary box. The crop tool is still active and the image still can be cropped with out the distraction of the crop boundary box. Shortcuts “C” – Selects the Crop

Layer Tips, Tricks and Shortcuts

Tips and Tricks Rename Multiple Layers Double-clicking on a layer name and rename Press the Tab key to advance to the next layer Rename layer Press the Tab key continue to next layer or Press Enter to end Load Layer

Screen Modes

This post details the how to control the three different screen modes in Photoshop. Screen Modes Standard Screen Mode Full Screen Mode with Menu Bar Full Screen Mode There are two methods to change the screen modes. The first is

Zoom and Pan

This post details the methods to navigate an image in Photoshop, zoom and panning. Three methods to zoom (incremental, continuous, custom) and the methods to pan are detailed separately. While they are detail below, two commands to note follow. Command

Selection – Extracting & Refining Hair

The following is a method improve the extract of hair and to keep all of the hair of a selection intact. First, follow the steps in the post Quick Selection Tools to make the initial selection. When in the Refine

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Selection – Quick Selection Tool (Part 2)

Adjustment Per the previous post, typically a layer mask has been added to the layer. The layer mask only displays the parts of the image that where selected. There are several methods to enhance and refine that selection and layer

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Selection – Quick Selection Tool (Part 1)

Selection Select the Quick Selection Tool (shift W). Increase the brush size to fit the selection. Hold and drag over the area to be selection. Add to the selected area/subtract from the selection area by holding down the option key.

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Selection – Move

To adjust/reposition the marching ants after making a selection, click the the arrow keys. This will nudge the up/down and right/left.

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